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A good diagnosis is essential to find the best treatment. At Rossell Carol we attach great importance to this first phase of the process and dedicate the necessary time to each patient. In addition, we always use the highest quality materials that help to maximize the results of the treatment and our treatments are always carried out by specialists.

We believe that our work should be based on making the most of the teeth of your own teeth and acting as little as possible in your mouth.

This philosophy, called Conservative Dentistry or Minimally Invasive Dentistry, favors your long-term dental health, avoids unnecessary interventions and helps save time and costs.

We are dentists, but we are also parents, brothers and children. That is why we understand that the role of the family is essential to promote healthy dental habits and prevent the appearance of problems and diseases. Thus, you help us to achieve greater effectiveness in your treatments and yours.


Four generations of dentists and more than 130 years of history make us one of the families in Catalan society most involved in the advancement of dentistry.

Dr. Pere Carol Martí was a prominent dentist and his son, Dr. Joan Carol Montfort was recognized internationally for his research work and his promotion of public dental care. Three of his eight children also took up dentistry.

Dr. Joan Carol Murillo was a member of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics. Dr. Lluís Carol Murillo was the first Spaniard to have a dental implant.

And Dr. Pere Carol Murillo helped train new dentists at the Hospital de Sant Pau.

Today Dr. Joan Rossell Capell and his team continue to develop the work that his great-great-grandfather began, with an updated vision, advanced technology and a commitment to the advancement and development of the profession intact.

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