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Dental implants and oral surgery

Dental implants and oral surgery

The best implant

When one or more teeth are too deteriorated or have fallen out, we can use titanium implants capable of fixing a prosthesis or an artificial tooth. The implant is currently the best possible solution when a tooth has been lost. The objective of putting an implant is that it can replace the lost tooth, improving the function of the mouth and helping to chew better. At Rossell Carol we use the best implant that can be placed, and the latest scientific studies do so..


Biocompatible and of the highest quality

The Straumann implant is of Swiss technology and is a world leader in the implantology market. All implants that are placed in the consultation have a guarantee of integration, so the patient should not suffer from the economic cost if the implant is not integrated, Straumann replaces the implant at no cost so that it can be placed again at no added cost .

The material used for the manufacture of implants is titanium. Titanium is a completely biocompatible material, this means that our body assimilates it as its own and does not create rejections after its placement, and is used both in dentistry and for the manufacture of most hip prostheses. As it is a material that has to be placed in our mouth for many years, the quality of the implant is very important. For this reason we use implants with the best possible quality of titanium.

A simple process for you

The placement is relatively simple and the postoperative period, in most cases, painless. Patients normally do not need any type of medication for the possible discomfort they may have after implant placement. The approximate time needed for a simple implant can be around 20 minutes.

Patients are often surprised at the ease and little discomfort after placement. At Rossell Carol we will help you choose which type of implant is best for the needs of your mouth. This will require a request for a CAT (computerized axial tomography); This 3D digital radiological test is the most advanced that exists, and allows us to know the characteristics of the bone where the implant is going to be placed. This helps us to pinpoint its placement where it is most favorable, increasing the success rate and the implant integrating smoothly.

In the best hands

In some extreme situations, where there is not a good bone to place the implant, we must do a previous bone regeneration that allows us to have enough bone thickness. Otherwise, the implant may not be able to hold sufficiently and it may become detached. Dr. Pablo Altuna is a specialist in bone regeneration techniques in implantology, and an associate professor at the International University of Catalonia (UIC).

After about 3 months, the implant will be well integrated, and it will be when the manufacture of the crown that will be screwed onto the implant can begin. This is the last step to restore the lost tooth and will complete the aesthetic function by making the implant well integrated into the whole of the mouth, going completely unnoticed with the rest of the teeth. From day one we can chew confidently with the implanted tooth.

Customized solutions

The oral surgeon is also in charge of extracting the third molars, popularly known as “wisdom teeth”. We recommend the extraction of these teeth when the tooth may cause a problem to neighboring teeth or may cause infections. With the evolution of the human species, it is more common to have little space for this tooth to come out on a regular basis.

The jaw bone is smaller than in ancient times, and the biggest damage is the wisdom tooth. The biggest problems associated with this tooth are the inflammation of the gums, the appearance of possible cavities in the neighboring tooth and the appearance of infections.

However, not all people need third molar extraction. Ask us!

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