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  • On 22 April, 2021

Having straight teeth and in good occlusion (good closing of the mouth) is not only an aesthetic solution, as many of our patients believe.

Many of the problems of muscular contractures and cervical disorders can have their origin in the position of the teeth.

Poor tooth placement, long missing teeth that cause movement of other teeth, or oral infections can cause an abnormal closure of the mouth. This abnormal closure causes displacement of the jaw and causes an unstable position, which in patients with low muscle tone and lack of adaptation causes jaw tension that translates into neck and back pain.

We believe that physiotherapy or osteopathy treatments should be accompanied by an inspection of the oral cavity to assess the presence of a malocclusion. This is especially important at an early age when children are developing a postural habit, but also in adult patients who suffer muscle contractures continuously.

At Rossell-Carol we offer our patients a more global vision of dental health to check if there is any kind of relationship with other problems in other parts of the body. We have training in the postural field and we are experts in orthodontics, so we can advise the best treatment option for children, adolescents or adults.



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