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Orthodontics in children

Children should visit the orthodontist for the first time starting at the age of 6 or 7. During that time the growth of the mouth and the position of the teeth that have to come out must be monitored to ensure that everything follows a normal process.

Problems with a narrow palate or abnormal growth of the bones of the face can be one of the reasons why we start treatment the moment we see it, even at an early age. These are the treatments we call Orthopedics. That could prevent further problems in the future and only the orthodontist is trained to advise you properly.

A good orthodontic treatment facilitates chewing, speech and balance between the facial muscles. Even so, most orthodontics are not started until the complete replacement of the teeth has been completed, that is approximately 12-13 years. The average duration for any type of treatment is 12 to 18 months.

With one visit every six weeks, the total number of visits until the end of the process is between 8 and 12 per treatment.

Orthodontic treatments can be done at any age. Formerly the belief was that only children could be treated with devices. We have known for years that this is not the case. Furthermore, almost half of our patients are adult patients.

Los tratamientos de ortodoncia pueden realizarse a cualquier edad. Antiguamente la creencia era que solo a los niños se les podía realizar un tratamiento con aparatos. Desde hace años ya sabemos que eso no es así. Es más, casi la mitad de nuestros pacientes, son pacientes adultos.

Orthodontics in adults

Many adult patients can benefit from orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth, solve problems caused by tooth loss, or straighten them for an implant later.

Also the type of appliances and the duration of the treatments have changed a lot. Many patients request aesthetics and comfort. Fixed brackets can be metal or the most comfortable resistant and invisible ceramic bracket on the market: 3M clarity advanced.

The treatment time and movement between the two is the same, they only differ in aesthetics. Fixed appliances facilitate patient collaboration, although they require greater effort when cleaning them and greater care when eating. For this reason, the current trend in adult and adolescent patients is to wear invisible aligners.


Dr. Joan Rossell only works with the Invisalign system, number 1 in the world and a leader in cosmetic orthodontic treatments. Invisible orthodontics is ideal for its comfort, simplicity and great results. Using a complex and advanced computer and manufacturing system, Invisalign can move teeth exactly like conventional fixed orthodontic appliances.

Treatment times are even shorter than with braces, and they require fewer visits, making it ideal for patients with little time available or even if they reside outside the city or abroad.

Once the orthodontics is finished, it is essential to maintain the position of the teeth as we have placed them, to prevent them from moving. Ideally, we recommend the placement of fixed retainers over removable retainers, as they facilitate collaboration and avoid major recurrence problems in the future.

They are very comfortable, cause very little urgency and all patients get used to them very easily. If the patient does not wear the retention or does not attend visits to check that everything is working properly, the teeth, due to the maturation of the tissues, could move again.

Doctor Rossell

Doctor Joan Rossell as an orthodontic specialist is the professional with the most experience and knowledge to solve your dental malposition. Orthodontists carry out a specific 3-year master’s degree once they have completed their dental studies, with the aim of acquiring the maximum capacity of knowledge, and being able to provide the best possible treatment.

Only go to an Orthodontic specialist. Dr. Joan Rossell is also a Diploma Member of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics (SEDO), being the highest clinical category awarded by the Society for having presented their cases treated with excellence.

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