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Periodontics encompasses all the problems that affect the structures that support the teeth, such as the gums and the bone that surrounds them. The gums and bone are the fundamental part in the support of the tooth and it is very important that they are healthy. The first indicator that should alarm anyone about the health of the gums, is if they bleed when we brush our teeth. Bleeding indicates inflammation (gingivitis), and inflammation is the first step toward tooth loss. The cause of inflammation and bleeding of the gums is usually the accumulation of bacterial plaque and / or tartar, due to the lack of good oral hygiene. It is very important to check the gums regularly in the dental office, to prevent the accumulation of tartar that causes bleeding.

Using toothpaste or specific mouthwashes for inflammation when the gums bleed is not usually the solution, it only helps to lengthen the problem as it does not favor the removal of tartar or plaque. It must also be taken into account that a certain type of saliva helps to accumulate more tartar, so in this type of people, just doing a good dental cleaning at home is not enough to eliminate it completely. At Rossell-Carol we go one step further and perform genetic saliva tests on our patients to detect pathogenic bacteria that they may have in the oral cavity. There are very pathogenic bacteria that predispose gum problems to be more aggressive.

The most common gum problems are solved with:

A conventional dental hygiene. In the early stages of gum inflammation and bleeding, this is the most common treatment. Many initial gum problems would be easily fixed with regular dental hygiene in the office. At Rossell-Carol we use the latest technology in gum cleaning as we have the EMS Airflow © ultrasound device (Fig 2). This Swiss-made system removes stains, biofilm and soft calculus in a more comfortable way compared to conventional appliances as it has warm water and less vibration, which translates into less discomfort.

Scraping and root planing. In cases where the periodontal problem is more advanced and the tartar is too deep, we must use manual instruments that allow a more intense cleaning. With conventional systems it is not possible to remove this deep tartar. These painless treatments are more common in older people or in very aggressive cases.

Periodontal surgery. When the bone loss is too extensive, manual instruments cannot reach the most hidden areas, so it will be necessary to lift the gums first to have better access. This procedure is performed under anesthesia and does not require specific postoperative recovery.

At Rossell-Carol we work every day to avoid problems associated with the following diseases. If you want information or individualized treatment, please contact us:

Gums and Diabetes

Diabetic patients are much more likely to have gum problems than people without this disease. This is because diabetes prevents your body from fighting the bacteria that cause gum problems. In addition to controlling your blood sugar level, you should also periodically check your gums. In this way you can control periodontal disease without losing teeth.

Gums and heart problems

Recent studies link active gum disease with cardiovascular problems. Patients with periodontitis are more likely to develop heart problems later in life. For this reason we must take care of the gums in the consultation on a regular basis.

Gums and Covid

Due to the pandemic caused by the SARS COVID-19 virus, it has been observed that in patients where the gums were not in good condition, respiratory problems caused by the COVID-19 virus were more important than in patients with good oral health . The researchers of this study concluded that mouths with good gum health did not have the same probability of respiratory complications, since the bacteria present in the gums did not reach the respiratory tract.

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