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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Years of experience

At our Dental Clinic in Barcelona we believe that Restorative Dentistry is the basis of good dental health, because it makes the most of your own teeth and only intervenes in the damaged part of the structures. We always apply minimally invasive dentistry techniques, being respectful to the maximum with the teeth and their supporting tissues. For more than 130 years, the Carol family has distinguished itself by saving teeth, avoiding extractions to the maximum extent.

The best material

Caries filling techniques have evolved a lot and at Rossell Carol we have the best materials applying the best and most advanced techniques. There are many ways to make a filling or filling, and in our practice we are concerned with preserving your tooth to its maximum extent; for this reason we will always try to make the smallest possible filling by applying the least amount of artificial material. The larger the filling, the easier it is for it to fracture or have problems in the future.

Natural and not invasive

The most used material in our dental clinic in the Eixample neighborhood to restore teeth are composite materials of resin or Composites; very versatile and easy to apply, almost all simple fillings are made with this material. They are easy to repair in case of fracture and are not excessively expensive materials. In addition, once placed the patient can eat normally without having to wait for the composite to harden.

The material is hardened in the consultation by means of a specially designed maximum power LED light, avoiding the discomfort of having to wait to live a normal life after the visit. Through the use of Composite resins of the same color as your tooth, we make the reconstruction go completely unnoticed by the eyes of others. In this way we avoid the bad effect that dental amalgams produce in sight.

Respectful to you and the environment

At Rossell Carol we are specialists in removing dental amalgams. Currently it is very rare to use this type of material that can be harmful to health, and also to the environment. If the metals used in their manufacture or removal are not stored correctly, they can contaminate public waters. In our Barcelona practice we prevent this from happening, protecting you and others during the process of replacing amalgams with more biocompatible materials such as Bis-GMA-free resins or porcelains.

Unlimited possibilities

Currently, patients also demand a lot the use of resin-free materials such as porcelain. Porcelain is the material most similar to enamel both in terms of aesthetics and its resistance to wear and fractures. At a slightly higher cost than composite, it offers superior performance qualities. For its placement, a previous laboratory work is necessary, where the shade is taken, a good fit is checked and it is integrated with the neighboring teeth to avoid food remains and the area can be cleaned well.

Let yourself be advised

Dr. Celeste Fernández will advise you on what type of material is best suited to the treatment to be performed, through a prior assessment of the tissues that surround the tooth with X-rays and control of facial / dental aesthetics.

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Do you have any questions or problems? Speak now, without obligation, with our Dental Consultant. This way we will save time and we will be able to solve your questions or assign you to the appropriate specialist to treat your case.

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