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  • On 22 April, 2021

In recent years, one of the main objectives of Orthodontics has been to shorten the time of treatments with fixed appliances or with transparent Invisalign® aligners.

With the introduction, years ago, of self-ligating bracket systems, it was thought that they could accelerate treatment times due to the low friction attributed to them. However, it is highly debated whether they really shorten tooth movement because friction is necessary in Orthodontics for a good case finish.

Since the industry has entered fully into the design and patents of orthodontic appliances, the benefit to the patient is evident. Within the most innovative line, since 2009 the Acceledent® system began to be marketed in the United States. It is a device that generates vibrations or micro-pulsations that accelerate the movement of the roots of the teeth through the bone, thus offering an ideal complement to orthodontic treatment.

The Acceledent® System is a small, comfortable, lightweight and wireless appliance that, used 20 minutes a day on your orthodontics, manages to shorten the time of orthodontic treatment and reduce its discomfort. It is rechargeable and very light, which does not prevent using it while doing simple tasks at home or at work. It is not indicated to wear it while sleeping.

It has been reported that this vibratory system can speed up any orthodontic treatment by up to 30% -50% of the initially prescribed time. The system is useful for both children and adults, whether they are patients with fixed orthodontics and braces or with Invisalign®.

With the Acceledent® system, the orthodontist can control the hours of use that the patient has made, since the device incorporates a USB port inside that will allow to know exactly the number of days and the connection frequency. This gives us all the necessary information to better monitor the treatment.

At Rossell-Carol we offer Acceledent® as a complement for patients who want more speed in the operation of their orthodontics.

In addition, we are currently changing the Invisalign® aligner every 7 days instead of the 15 days that are prescribed as “ideal” of operation, with more than satisfactory results.

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