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  • On 22 April, 2021

Hi, how are you doing?

If you already knew Rossell-Carol, you will notice that there have been some important changes.

We have changed facilities, we have changed our image and we have changed the website, where we also started this blog with great enthusiasm.

We have changed everything that we have believed necessary to be faithful to our character, to continue being advanced, to be able to transmit to you in the best way the passion with which we live dental health.

What has not changed has been everything else: our desire to establish close ties with our patients, our willingness to offer you the best possible service with the most advanced techniques and the application of minimally invasive treatments so that you make the most of your own teeth and avoid unnecessary costs.

If you did not know Rossell-Carol, you will see that we are a dental health center with a different personality, that uses the latest techniques in dentistry and the highest quality materials, with a long family history behind it and that treats its patients in a close way and authentic.

We hope to see you here, see you soon.

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